Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the name "Project+" and not "Project M 4.0"?

Project+ is not an official continuation of Project M. Project M is the work of the PMDT which disbanded in 2015. Project+ does not attempt to produce suggested plans for Project M 4.0 and does not use any unreleased assets unless given permission by the original creators.

Is Project+ or Project M played at my local tournaments?

It's up to tournament organizers to decide which version to play and which rules they use (e.g. Auto L-Cancelling). Some regions play primarily the latest version of Project+, while others play the latest official version of Project M (3.6). Communities typically use the same Discord server for both games, so you're welcome to use our community map to get started.

Will there be future versions of Project+?

Any future release will mostly feature improved aesthetics and bug fixes.

Is there a Netplay / Hackless / Homebrew / USB Loading release?

Yes, you can download them here.

What do I need to play Project+?

It depends on the method you will be using. For the hackless method (NTSC-U), you will need a Wii, an SD card that has a capacity of 2GB or less and a Super Smash Bros. Brawl disc. For Dolphin/Netplay, you will need a computer and a NTSC-U Brawl ISO.

What do NTSC-U and PAL mean?

NTSC-U/J, PAL and SECAM refer to technical details on how TV systems worked that were relevant back when the Wii was a current-gen console. Game publishers may have to engineer their games differently based on the video system in a given region. They might use different patches that make games incompatible with consoles from other regions.
In the context of Wii games, this means the region where you bought your console and game (Brawl).
You can easily find out which kind of Wii or game disc you have by looking at this map on Wikipedia.
"SECAM" is the same as PAL for Wii games. "NTSC-U" basically means "NTSC USA", so North America and some parts of South America. We specify this because regions countries like Japan also have "NTSC", but there are technical differences with both consoles and games. Therefore we call these systems "NTSC-J". NTSC-J Brawl discs or ISO files are not compatible with Project+ or recent Project M versions. You can still play Project M and Project+ and all other Brawl mods on any system using USB-Loading.
However, the hackless method is only available when you have a NTSC-U console and disc.

What was changed from Project M?

Compared to vanilla 3.6, Project+ fixes bugs found in 3.6, adjusts characters, and is built on the Legacy TE 2.5 build which itself includes many new features and content.
For a list of changes, you can find a list of the changes across all versions here.

What characters are in Project+?

Project+ includes the 41 characters of Project M 3.6 with the addition of Knuckles as the 42nd character. There are no plans for additional characters.

Does Project+ have new characters in addition to Knuckles?

No new characters are planned to appear outside of Knuckles.

Does Project+ have rollback?

Unfortunately, Project+ currently does not have rollback. There's a project that's trying to implement rollback for Brawl called Brawlback. You can find their Discord here: Find Communities.

Are there any new stages, costumes, or music?

Project+ includes 17 new stages, multiple new costumes, and a plethora of new music, on top of the many additions to Project M from the Legacy TE team.

Is tilt stick (attack on C-stick) fixed in Project+?

Tilt stick when you assign the C-stick to "Attack" in the custom controls. In Project M, this setting didn't behave as expected and only worked properly for unangled F-tilt. Tilt stick is fixed in Project+ and works as expected (similar to Smash Ultimate) which affects gameplay balance because certain manuveurs are only possible with tilt stick, which buffs some characters.

Does Project+ have L-Cancelling?

Yes. L-Cancelling is a technique from earlier Smash games and Project M where pressing a shield input before landing during an aerial attack reduces the landing lag. In Project+ you can L-Cancel within 7 frames of landing to reduce the landing lag by half.
However, "Auto L-Cancel" can be toggled on from the match settings to automatically reduce the landing lag of aerials without the need to perform an L-Cancel. In tournaments it's up to tournament organizers to determine if their tournament will run with "Auto L-Cancel" toggled on or off.
Auto L-Cancel is great for new or casual players or when you want a consistently fast gameplay experience. It also makes the game a bit less stressful on the hands which can be an accessibility factor.

Can I build an ISO with Project+? Can I use BrawlBuilder with Project+?

It's not currently possible to use BrawlBuilder or a similar tool to build a Project+ ISO. Certain codes that Project+ uses are not compatible with ISO building.

How do I obtain a Brawl ISO file?

You can legally create a backup of your Brawl disc by running CleanRip on a Wii.

How can I play Netplay when the traversal servers are down? How can i play using direct IPs?

Direct IP Hosting Guide

Can i add new characters to Project+? Does BrawlEx work with Project+?

"P+Ex" integrates the BrawlEx engine and CSS Expansion addon into Project+ to allow for an expanded roster of custom characters. For more information, check out this document.

How do I set up my controller?

Click here for the Controller Guide.

How can I set up my Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter on a Mac?

How to use the Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter on Mac.

How can I set up Project+ on Linux?

To install Project+ on Linux, install the appimage from here.

Can I play Project+ on an M1 Mac (ARM)?

Currently, there are no plans to support Project+ on ARM-based Mac devices.

How do I know my Brawl ISO is compatible?

Check MD5's by right-clicking on Brawl, select Properties navigate to the Info tab, and click on the Compute button located to the right of MD5 Checksum. (Screenshot)
If your game is not working, and the hash isn't listed here, it is probable that your ISO needs to be replaced. Compatible ISOs may include:

  • d18726e6dfdc8bdbdad540b561051087

  • d8560b021835c9234c28be7ff9bcaaeb

  • 5052e2e15f22772ab6ce4fd078221e96

  • 52ce7160ced2505ad5e397477d0ea4fe

  • 9f677c78eacb7e9b8617ab358082be32

  • 1c4d6175e3cbb2614bd805d32aea7311

Can I play Project+ on Android or iOS?

Short answer: Currently no. We don't know for sure if Project+ can be set up on iOS, but we think it's very unlikely. Regarding Android, there have been reports that current versions of Project+ work. Here's a guide for old versions that might not work with newer versions. If you've figured out up-to-date instructions or have written a guide, go ahead and let us know on our Discord.